Thank you for joining us for the 4th Annual Jordan Boyd Celebrity Hockey Challenge! 

We want everyone to hit the ice on July 29, 2017 and feel the accomplishment of hitting their $500 fundraising goal. We understand that is a big commitment but we know you can do it! Funds can be raised individually or as a team. Check out these fundraising ideas to help you reach your goal or even exceed it!

Click here to download your customized donation ask letter to help you achieve, and hopefully even exceed your $500 commitment.   


Fundraising Tips, A-Z


ABC Party: Host an Anything But Clothes (ABC) party. Charge admission, and have little prizes for most creative costume, etc.

Art Sales: This one is a perfect way to get children under 14 involved. Have students produce great works of art and have a show. Parents and friends buy back their budding artists’ masterpieces.

Ask, ask and ask again: Get family, friends and co-workers to donate. Have them ask their networks to support you.

Auction: Do you know anyone that would be willing to donate items or services to raise funds (Tickets to games, theatre tickets, concerts, premium parking spots for a month, lunch with a Senior Executive, Shadow a Senior person for a day, coffee with your boss, etc.)?


Baby photo competition: Ask all your colleagues to bring in their baby photos. Scan the photos and pin them up or circulate a sheet that includes all of them. Charge your colleagues a fee for a chance to match the photos to the worker. Award a prize for the most correct answers.

Bachelor or Bachelorette Auction: Have local singles auctioned off for a date. Proceeds go to Ride the Rails. Bad hair day: Pay a fee to go to work sporting a crazy hairstyle. The craziest wins a prize!

Bad taste day: Who can wear the worst outfit to work? All entrants can pay a fee. The winner (or loser!) wins a small cash prize and the rest of the funds are donated.

Bagging Groceries: Approach your local grocery store and arrange for your team to bag groceries for a day. Have a donation jar available that people can drop their change in.

Bake Sales: Hold a Friday bake sale so employees have treats for the weekend. Ask for items to be wrapped attractively so they could be given as gifts. An alternative to this is to take orders for baked goods. Provide the order form – this ensures that people are getting what they want!

Baked goods raffle: Sell raffle tickets to co-workers, friends and family on a baked good (for example: make a pie) every Friday, and the winner gets to take home a delicious treat for the weekend!

Balloon-o-gram: Sell balloons to employees to give to their coworkers. Employees can buy a balloon, include a brief note and have it sent to a colleague. Balloon recipients get affirmation, your office gets decorated with colorful balloons—and you make money for your cause.

Barbeque: Buy buns and meat in bulk and/or on sale, and then charge your neighbours. Be sure to tell them about the cause!

Beach blanket bingo: Decorate a conference room with beach items: beach balls, blow-up rafts, fake palm trees, etc. Establish a dress code—office attire not allowed. Serve hot dogs, fruit, sandwiches and drinks. Charge a small fee for each round of bingo and award a prize to the best dressed attendee!

Best/worst tie: Charge your colleagues a fee to enter a best or worst tie competition. Offer a prize and have the entire office vote at lunchtime. For extra fun, make it a small fashion show. Don't restrict this competition to guys. Gals, this is a chance to put the men to shame.

Bingo: Have a Bingo event either at work, or with your friends and family! Charge an entry fee ($10-$25), and then split the money you raise in half, and give one half to the ultimate Bingo winner, and the other half can go towards your own fundraising!

Birthday/Christmas Gift Pledge: Instead of your family/friends giving you gifts, ask them to pledge their support!

Block Party: Put together an old-fashioned block party in a parking lot, or close off a neighborhood street. Have a local band or DJ donate a few hours to your event, have a BBQ, do face painting, etc.

Book sale: Ask employees to donate used books to sell from $1 to $5, depending on the title and condition.

Bottle Drive: Let people in your neighbourhood know that you will be coming around to collect empty bottles the day after New Year’s Eve, Saint Patrick’s Day, Canada Day, etc. Collect the bottles and turn them in to the bottle depot.

Box seats: Ask managers to donate the company's box seats at entertainment or sports events. Sell tickets for a draw; winner gets the box-seat tickets.


Canvass your neighborhood: Gather your friends and team mates and go door to door in your area. Make sure to perfect your elevator pitch!

Car wash: For really simple fundraising ideas, look no farther than the parking lot. There's bound to be someone in the office who wants their hubcaps polished at lunchtime!

Casual and theme days: For $2 - $5 each, sell "casual day" stickers that allow employees to dress casually on certain days. Or designate certain casual days as "crazy days" and encourage employees to show their wild side. Examples: Stupid Hat Day, Outrageous Socks Day, Sports Team Day, Dress-up Day.

Challenge the Boss: Get the boss to agree that once you raise the recommended amount of $500 that he’ll dress up like a pig, get a pie in the face, etc.

Change jar: Keep a change jar in high traffic areas. All change is donated to your fundraising total.

Coffee runs: Get coffee or tea for your co-workers for one week. Charge a fee for the week, agree to delivery times and put the funds you raise toward your goal!

Company comedy: Have employees bring their favorite jokes, which you then combine into one volume. Sell the books at a comedy-themed lunch hour. Variations: favorite e-mail jokes, recipes, etc.

Cookbook: Ask your coworkers to bring in their favorite recipe and compile them into a Company Cookbook. Sell them for $10 - $15 with proceeds going to your fundraising goal.

Cook-off: Have contestants pay a fee for entering their prized dishes. Have a panel of judges choose the best dish and the winner gets a prize.

Corporate help: Ask local companies to give you a percentage of sales on a certain product.

Crazy hat contest: Employees pay to enter the hat contest. Each entrant makes and wears a zany hat. During lunch hour, stage a hat parade and staff votes for the zaniest hat. Give a prize to the winner.


Dinner: Have your team host a theme dinner. Get a hall donated and have each member of your team prepare part of the meal. Sell tickets and get some entertainment donated.

Dog Walking: Have your team walk the neighborhood dogs. Many pet owners would be grateful for the opportunity to let someone take their dog for a long walk!

Dog wash: Everyone wants their dog to be clean, but not everyone has the ability to give their dog a bath at home, and groomers can be expensive. You can offer a low-cost dog wash for the furry, fourfooted members of the community!

Donation Buckets: Have team members stand outside businesses with donation cans (ensure you get permission from the business first).

Donation matching: See if your place of employment will match donations made by others, up to a set amount.


Elevator tax: For anyone capable of using the stairs but unwilling to do so; impose an "elevator tax" for a month or so. Donate the proceeds.

E-mail ban: Ban intra-office e-mails for a day. This can be a great way to improve staff communication, encouraging employees to talk to each other! Charge $2 to participate and impose a fine on anyone who breaks the ban!

Envelopes at restaurant tables: Place a Ride the Rails donation envelope at every table, stating “Please Support Our Ride the Rails Team.” Waitresses check envelopes after each seating.

Executive auction: Ask your company's executive staff to donate one hour for a fundraising auction. Have employees bid on each executive, with proceeds to benefit your efforts. The executive then takes over the highest-bidding employee's job for the appointed hour.


Flowers and plants: Sell your extra house plants or bouquets from your garden; or contact your local florists and ask them to donate a portion of sales during Valentine’s Day or any other holiday to your fundraising.

Fundraising Programs: Many companies provide you with a product to sell and let you keep a percentage of the profits! For example, Epicure Selections (Extraordinary Cheese Dip Fundraiser allows the team to keep 25% of profits on certain items) and A-Peel (discount cards for the Halifax area – teams keep 50% of sales)!

Funniest home videos: Encourage employees to bring in their funniest home videos or create new ones. Allot a time for showing videos. Establish a small entry fee. Funniest video wins grand prize of a donated DVD player or other appropriate prize.


Garage Sales: Work as a team to set up garage sales – clean out your attic and raise money for blood cancer patients in Atlantic Canada.

Gift wrapping: During the holidays, teams can set up at the local mall or in a particular store. Valentine’s Day is another ideal time for teams to offer a gift wrapping booth. Charge $2 - $5 per gift, depending on the size of the item and number of items being wrapped.

Goody basket silent auction: Have department supervisors pick a theme for a gift basket and encourage each department employee to donate an item for the basket. Collect the baskets and wrap them in clear plastic or cellophane and a big bow and place them on a conference room table for a 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. silent auction. Supply paper and pen at each basket so employees can bid. End the bidding at 2 p.m. with a loud whistle blow or some other indication. Highest bidders buy the baskets. Ideas for themes: baby, movie/entertainment, coffee/tea, knitting/sewing, toys, Italian cooking, bathing fragrances.

‘Going without’ sponsorship: Get people to sponsor every hour you go without something.

Golf Tournament: Have your team put together a golf tournament with the proceeds benefiting your team goal.

Guessing jars: Participants pay $2 for their chance to guess how many jelly beans, etc are in the jar. Winner gets the jar and all of its contents.


Handyman/Handywoman: Auction off a coworker or friend to perform a certain task for the day.

Heart-o-grams/Candy grams: Sell hearts for Valentine’s Day or candy at Christmas, and deliver them to your coworker’s desks.

Historical: Employees come to work dressed in clothing from their favorite eras. Employees decorate offices/cubicles according to the era selected. Charge a participation fee or ask for donations from participants.

Holiday fun: For the holiday falling closest to your campaign, have employees decorate their offices and award a prize to the bestdecorated office. Winner is announced at a holiday lunch. Each employee or department pays a fee of $10 to enter the contest.

Hoops contest: Erect a Nerf ball basketball hoop in an out-of-theway location. Schedule a time for an elimination shooting match. Coworkers make a donation of $5 - $10 to enter the match and the winner receives a prize.

Hot-breakfast sale: Sell a hot breakfast once a week until your fundraising campaign ends. Organizers bring ingredients, and then cook the orders in the break room/kitchen. Some examples: croissant with egg and cheese for $4; add two strips of bacon for 50 cents more. Or serve pancakes, waffles, sausages, breakfast burrito, etc. For a small price, you not only get a hearty breakfast but help raise funds for a great cause!


Ice cream social – Teams can raise funds by collecting donations for delicious ice cream delights. Get creative and decorate your location as an old fashioned ice cream parlor and soda fountain. Set up tables with a variety of board games for patrons. Play oldies on a jukebox and charge for song requests.

Inter-departmental quiz: Choose a quizmaster wisely and organize a lunchtime quiz. Examples: pop quizzes, sports or TV/film trivia, word games, etc. Vary the contests so that everyone has a chance to win! Charge a participation fee or ask for donations from participants.

International day: Dress up in the national outfit of another country. For an added twist, ask participants to bring food appropriate to the country they're representing and maybe even to speak some of the language. Charge a $10 admission fee and have prizes available for best dressed, most fluent, best food, etc.


Jail & Bail: A Classic Fundraiser. For a donation, employees can be arrested and for an additional donation can post their own bail; OR employees have a bounty placed on their head, are arrested, and are not set free until the entire bounty is raised (i.e. $100+ per inmate).

Jeans day/Dress pink: Send out a companywide e-mail offering jeans every Friday for a month for $20.00 or unlimited jeans for the month for $40.00 (Be sure to check with your supervisor!).

Jewelry Party: Host a Girls' Night out! Job swap: Have employees enter a raffle to swap jobs with a colleague for the day—maybe even the boss! Charge a $5 entry fee and see who wins!

Juggling competition: Encourage staff to sponsor the competition or donate a specific amount for each ball dropped or each second or minute the juggling lasts.


Karaoke night/competition: Find a karaoke machine and invite a bunch of friends over. Have funny prizes such as worst singer, best dressed, worst song choice, etc. Charge them to enter the competition.


Laugh it out: Host a comedy event at a local comedy club. You get the cover; they get the drink/food sales.

Letter Writing: Send letters out to family and friends explaining what you are doing and why. Write them your personal goal and ask for their help.

Lotto 649 Pool: Ask your friends, family, and co-workers to participate by paying an entry fee ($10 for instance) to play, and then have them give you their 10 lotto numbers (between 1-49). This fundraiser is similar to a 50/50 draw in that whoever the winner is, will receive half the money, and the other half will go towards your fundraising. After numbers are in, choose a start date and track all 649 numbers that come out in that draw (including the bonus number which will always count) for all 649 draw nights (Wednesday and Saturday's) until you have a winner, which is determined when someone has all their 10 numbers drawn. In the event of multiple winners, 1/2 the take prize will be split accordingly between winners (two winners split 1/2, three winners 1/3 etc.).

Lotto Tree: Get your team to donate lottery tickets and arrange them in the shape of a tree. Sell tickets for $2.

Lunch-box auction: Employees supply lunches to be auctioned in the office. Display the lunches and give prizes for the most creative, nutritional, elegant, and humorous lunch. Encourage CEO and management participation.


Mailing list: Add to your email signature “I’m helping to support leading research that can saves lives, while honouring Jordan's memory. Click here to sponsor me.”

Miniature golf classic: Have a pay-to-play miniature golf tournament in the office, with different departments designing each "hole." Have prizes for the best-designed hole. For an additional charge, offer pizza and salad (donated by a local eatery).

Monthly giving: Ask people who are unable to sponsor you right away to sponsor you a set amount monthly. For example, $15 per month.

Movie and popcorn: On Fridays, sell $4 passes for a movie you can show in a conference room or somewhere with a projector or largescreen TV. Provide popcorn. Showing starts in late afternoon or shortly before work ends so you don't disrupt work.

Murder mystery night: Become the life (or the death) of the party! Charge admission and provide food, drinks and atmosphere!


Name bead bonanza: Take orders for personalized bracelets, key chains, necklaces, etc. for a donation.

Non-events: Get people to donate the money they would save by not going to an event.


Obstacle course: Create an obstacle course and have a prize for the winner. Encourage local sports teams, businesses and schools to enter teams and charge an admission fee.

Office fundraising challenge: Ask everyone in your office to challenge each other to raise the most money. Give the winner(s) a prize: movie passes, for example, or a dinner gift card.

Office Olympics: Make up office teams and determine sign-up fees. Teams participate in events such as making paper airplanes to see whose flies the longest distance; "dressing for success," with the best dresser named the winner; shooting crumpled paper into wastebaskets; playing department darts—you get the idea. Encourage competition between departments. Hold finals in the main lobby for all to see. Give out prizes for first, second and third place.

Office scavenger hunt: Hide clues around the office or building, leading to a secret prize. Participants pay a fee to enter as an individual or team. Clues are given at each checkpoint pointing to the next checkpoint. Clues can be placed in different orders to avoid teams following/copying one another. Penalties can be issued for unsafe behavior, splitting up or cheating by adding time to total.


Pancake breakfast: Have a traditional pancake breakfast at work and either set a price for co-workers to take part or ask for donations! Parking: Auction prime spots in the office parking lot for one-week blocks.
Pedometer challenge: Wear a pedometer and get people to guess how many steps you will take in a day. Charge $2 per guess and the closest guess wins a prize.

Pet service: Love pets? Walk someone’s dog for a “convenience fee” of $10 - $20.

Pot Luck lunches at the workplace: Name every Wednesday “Ride the Rails Pot Luck Day.” Team members take turns preparing foods, salads, desserts, etc. and offer them to employees at the workplace for a set price or donation.


Quarter canister campaign: Old film canisters hold $7 worth of quarters. Challenge co-workers to fill as many canisters as possible. Have a reward for the team that collects the most canisters filled with quarters!

Queen of Hearts: Start by selling tickets for $5 (or less depending on circumstance) and choose a day (Friday for instance) to have the draw every week. The winner then has 2 choices. The first choice is to pick a card from a deck of 52. If the Queen of Hearts is drawn, they win half of the money raised. If the Queen of Hearts is not drawn, 3 cards will be removed from the deck, and tickets will be sold again for the following weeks draw until the Queen of Hearts is found.

Quilts: Sell quilt squares made by the employees themselves. The squares can be sold in honor or in memory of people impacted by blood cancer. Squares can be 4” x 4” for $10, 8” x 8” for $15, and 12” x 12” for $25, and then raffle off the quilt.


Recyclables: Do a recycling drive in your area. Collect recyclables and cash them in.

Reward points: Collect reward points and dollars by shopping at stores that offer them. Then use your points to buy a prize and sell tickets on it.

Romance: Cater a romantic dinner for two. Highest donation wins the dinner.


Sell treasures on eBay: Ask co-workers to bring in anything they don’t want, such as old DVDs, CDs or anything that could easily be posted on eBay. Profits go to your fundraising efforts.

Silent auction: Have staff bid on items such as extra vacation days, longer lunch hours, VIP parking spots, dinner passes, casual days, etc. Money raised goes to fundraising efforts.

Sing about it: Lip Sync Contest at a club or community hall. Charge $10 for admission and contestants must pay an additional $5. The winner gets half of the $5 admission paid by contestants. The door cover and the other half of the $5 contestant fee goes toward your fundraising goal.

Skip birthday cakes: Does your office usually buy a cake to celebrate a staff birthday? Skip the tradition this year and put the money you would have spent toward your fundraising efforts.

Social Networking: Social media applications like blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can be helpful tools to help you advertise, gain attendees and supporters for fundraisers such as benefit auctions. Not only are these tools free to use, but they allow you to convey short, constant reminders about your fundraiser.

Spaghetti dinner: Prepare a great dinner for students, teachers, or community members and charge a fee.

Sporting events tickets: Ask sports teams to donate a number of seats for their games and raffle off the tickets.

Snack bar: Sell candy, chips, popcorn, soda, bagels or donuts at the office. You may be able to have goodies donated so that all the money raised will be used for the cause.

Sports shorts: Organize a softball, basketball, touch football or bowling tournament. Socialize away from the office and build stronger bonds among staff. Teams must pay to play. Stars in their eyes: Hold your own singing/impersonation contest. Spectators pay "entry fees" that can be donated to your team. If you don’t want to organize an evening event, ask each competitor to make a short video recording and load them up onto your staff intranet or YouTube account.

Super bowl party: Have a super bowl party and ask everyone for donations. The same can be done for the NHL playoffs and Masters final round.

Survivor: Create "tribes" to compete against one another, each containing one member from upper management. Hold physical and mental challenges each day for a week in which tribes compete for prizes such as an extra 30 minutes for lunch, show tickets, etc. Challenges can include office mini-putt games, puzzles, quizzes, scavenger hunts, etc. Grand prize is a day of paid vacation. Charge a participation fee or ask for donations from participants.


Tailgate: Have a Monday night "tailgate" party during football season. Each employee pays $10 to attend. After work, get everyone together. Serve hot dogs, wings, chips, beverages, etc. Rent a large-screen TV, and watch the game as a team while enjoying great food.

Theme dance or party: Hold a Sock hop, beach party, disco, square dance, or a dance for senior citizens, etc. Charge admission ($10) and have a canteen available.

Tickets on a basket of goodies: Create baskets themed for holidays such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or just everyday items for the everyday person! Sell tickets for $2 - $5.


Unique boutique: Collect or make unique one-of-a kind items for raising funds via a silent or live auction.


Vacation day: If you are on a team with your co-workers, ask your boss if they can offer a bonus day off for the team member that raises the most money.


Walk a mile in my shoes: Ask staff to come to work in their craziest pair of shoes and tell them to be prepared for a wild and crazy lunch. Serve items such as FOOT-long subs, CORN chips, SHOESTRING french fries. Play "Blue Suede Shoes," Kicking You Out," "Footloose," "Boots Were Made for Walking" and other appropriate tunes. Charge a $5 - $10 admission fee.

"Who Knows the Nose" contest: Have employees take pictures of their noses. Hang the pictures on a wall. For a small fee ($1), employees can guess the "owners." Employee guessing the most correct noses in the shortest amount of time wins and takes half the pot.
Wine tasting: Have a hall donated for the night and charge a $20 admission for guests to taste wines from around the world. As with any other fundraiser - but especially with this one - the wine must be donated and all liquor liability laws must be followed.

Womanless beauty pageant: Gather your beautiful male friends and charge admission. Have a panel of judges and a prize for the winner.


X-Mas tidings: Make fresh evergreen wreaths and yule logs to sell adorned with festive holiday bows, berries and pinecones. You could also adjust this to other holidays (ex. Valentines wreaths).


Yard Sale of previously loved items: Hold the ultimate Yard Sale, with proceeds going to your fundraising efforts. To move out the last few items, have a “fill a box for $5” sale during the last half hour of your yard sale.


Zombie party: Rent some movies and gather the undead for a night of horror. Charge an admission fee and have your guests bring the snacks.