Need some help Fundraising?

Thank you for joining us for the second annual Strides for Obesity!


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We want everyone to lace up their sneakers on Saturday, October 14th, 2017 and feel the accomplishment of hitting their fundraising goal. Funds can be raised individually or as a team. 100% of the funds raised will help support the Halifax Obesity Network. Check out these fundraising tips and ideas to help you reach your goal or even exceed it. We know you can do it! 


Tips to get you started


                                     STEP ONE            STEP TWO  
  stride tips checkmark       Register for the walk!
Your registration fee
will help support the Halifax
Obesity Network.
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Personalize your fundraising page.
Include a photo of yourself and why you are
participating. Do you have a personal story
or of a family member or close friend that you
want to share -


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We encourage starting with
a fundraising goal of $100.
Kick off your fundraising with
a $10 donation to yourself.

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Share your fundraising page with friends
and family through email, Facebook, Twitter
or other forms of social media to share your
story and promote the walk. Ask friends and
family to match your $10 donation.

                                         STEP FIVE
    stride tip host

Host your own fundraiser.
There are lots of creative
and fun ways to raise money.
Have a friendly steps challenge
among co-workers, host a yard sale
to clean up the garage, or whatever
you choose to do, have fun with it!



Once you reach your $100 goal, try to raise $150. Always remember to have fun, and know that all of your efforts are helping to support those individuals living with obesity.

Click here to download a donation letter template to help you with your fundraising efforts.