Help prevent sudden death from cardiac arrest at the QEII’s Inherited Heart Disease Clinic.

In partnership with the QEII Foundation and Jordan Boyd Foundation, the Jordan Boyd Celebrity Hockey Challenge has raised $400,000 net to date through the QEII’s Inherited Heart Disease Clinic, lead by Clinic Director, Dr. Martin Gardner.  

By participating in or donating to this incredible event, you are honouring Jordan’s legacy and helping families living with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC - a rare, inherited heart condition) be identified early and treated. Your support allows Dr. Martin Gardner and other leaders at the QEII’s Inherited Heart Disease Clinic to continue their pursuit to save lives through world-leading research and innovation – specifically surrounding ARVC.

Together, we will continue to:


  • Support Atlantic Canadians families facing an ARVC diagnosis, giving them access to the most innovative and evidence-based care at the QEII’s Inherited Heart Disease Clinic
  • Provide earlier detection and diagnosis of ARVC– ultimately saving lives 
  • Reduce the incidence of sudden cardiac arrest by better identifying and managing the level of risk in families living with or suspected of having genetic heart conditions


Did you know?

Nova Scotia has the second highest incidence of ARVC in Canada. The life-saving research that you help fund takes place at the QEII’s Inherited Heart Disease Clinic - the first of its kind to be established in Canada. This Clinic was established in 2004 by QEII's Dr. Martin Gardner and it:


  • provides  world-leading research, diagnosis, and treatment of patients living with genetic cardiac conditions
  • leads the national registry for ARVC research in Canada - the largest such registry in the world
  • continues to save countless lives of those at risk of sudden cardiac death by discovering alternative and more accurate ways to detect ARVC, including state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and genetic testing
  • leads the country as the expert in research and clinical outcomes for ARVC


For more information on the life-changing work being done through the QEII’s Inherited Heart Disease Clinic by Dr. Martin Gardner, watch his story here: